Best DLAB Practice Tests

Best DLAB Practice Tests

Best DLAB Practice Tests

The DLAB Test was built to be a mystery.  Their hope is that you, the test taker, sit down to the computer completely ignorant of what to expect and experiences what most would say was the hardest test they have ever taken.  To further this, the stakes are extremely high.  Your scores will affect your military career.  Your results will dictate whether or not you enter the program you want and which language you will take.  With so much to lose, do you really want to start the DLAB ignorant?

But here's the thing - the DLAB test is NOT about being able to memorize something and regurgitate it.  It's about being able to think quickly, and understand in pressure.  It is because of this, that the best thing you can do to prepare for the DLAB is not only know what to expect ahead of time, but to get as much practice as possible.

Your DLAB scores will determine your future class in DLI.  Therefore, while the DLAB practice quiz or the scant questions listed on a site like this might be a start, it will NOT prepare you for the DLAB and give you enough practice.

Instead, you need to see multiple full DLAB practice tests and try them over and over until you are confident that you can think quickly and reactive in the positive.  To help you with this, we'll present to you the best DLAB practice Tests you can get your hands on.  There are a couple of DLAB study guides out there, however, because I have bought all of them, and looked at them, many of those so called Study guides out there do NOT help and lack in the practice test or pretest area.

Well no longer do you have to.  We at the DLAB Prep have scoured everything on the market and tested each one of the below DLAB practice tests.  While some are better than others, each one will help you and be worth the time and or money.  So check them out and if you have used these, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

List of the Top DLAB Practice Tests

Below are a list of the practice tests that exist on the market, as well as online. So, be sure to check them out and take our recommendation so that you don't have to spend over $100 on all of them, only to discover you only needed two DLAD practice tests.

We'll start with a side-by-side comparison of the major parts to the books, to include their price, our ratings and general information about each of the DLAB study guides in the market.  They are ranked from best to worst.

Then, below that, you can read more about each one so as to gain a better understanding of the DLAB books, what they offer and their level of study guides.

#1. The Official DLAB Training Manual

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Over the years, I have bought every DLAB Study guide that has come on to the market and even though the Official DLAB Training Manual is one of the oldest on the market, it is still the best of them all.  Granted, I found a couple of mistakes in the editing aspect of the book, it still gives the most sound advice on taking the DLAB test, and the rules and what to expect are still top notch and on the market.

The key thing that separates this book from the rest is that it still tells you the EXACRT grammar rules used on the test, which that alone is worth its weight in gold.  With this, you know exactly what to expect.  Then, as you use the book's practice test, you get experience using those rules.  Honestly, I can't imagine taking the DLAB without knowing these rules ahead of time, and being able to practice them as well.

Another thing I like about this book, that many who haven't taken the test might thing is a con, is the poor images it uses. Haha...I know you went back and read that statement again.  Yes, I said the poor images.  When you get to that section of the practice test, you're probably going to roll your eyes as the level of images.  But you know what?  That's pretty close to what you're see.   Remember, this is a military test - clearly design is not its forte.

So, what's wrong with the book?  The only issue I have with the book is that the writer probably needed to invest more into an editor for this.  But don't let that detract from the benefits that come from this book.

So, it may be older, but don't let that scare you - definitely don't make the mistake of thinking you need the 'newest' book.  Because the good news is the US Military hasn't updated their DLAB test, and this book is still dead on when it comes to giving you excellent information, and practice tests to prepare you for the DLAB.

#2. The Complete DLAB Study Guide

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The Complete DLAB Study Guide is my #2 choice but was seriously close to being #1.  In truth, these two are incredibly close to each other.  They both explain the test, and have the exact grammar rules as teh test has.  However, when it came to choose my #1, I just felt the Official DLAB did a better job or organization.

HOWEVER, one thing my recruiter recommended to me that I will absolutely pass on to you - it is best to buy both.  This is because you now have double the pretests, and practice tests.  Remember, your DLAB results will be even better the more practice you get.  It's not about what you know, it's about what you can do given certain circumstances.  So, practice, practice, practice.

So, in the end, I actually recommend you buy both the Complete DLAB Study Guide AND the Official DLAB Study Guide - if you truly want the best possible score you can get.

#3. DLAB Study Guide

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While the DLAB Study Guide is more expensive than The Official DLAB Training Manual, it still has a lot of information and can be useful.

It is a little out of date in some parts but still has some good exercise questions and examples.  Furthermore, due to a recent update on the DLAB test, the grammar rules are no longer exactly like the test.

However, the differences are very slight and only a grammar rule or two are incorrect. But still, the extra practice and extra questions will really help.

#4. DLAB Practice and Skills Test (DO NOT RECOMMEND)

After buying this and reading it, I wanted my money back.  This was a waste.  Clearly, whoever wrote it, didn't take the test.  They probably just collected information, and created a poorly made book, with a bunch of practice questions, and voila - that was it.

What I really don't like about this one though is that it doesn't even cover all the different types of questions.  So, you're getting 'some' of what you need.  This is probably worse than nothing because if you were to just get this book, you might think you'd be prepared.  However, you'd soon realize that you were only half way there.

So, I do not recommend this study guide or it's set of practice questions.

#5. Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DO NOT RECOMMEND)

The Defense Language Aptitude Battery appears to have been made by a corporation and lacks important information needed for test takers.

The comments and bad ratings say it all.  We do not recommend buying this book unless you have already bought the above-recommended Study Guides and are looking for another source to gauge your level of comprehension.

So save your money.

How to Best Use a DLAB Practice Test

If you purchase one of the above Study Guides that has a full practice test, it is best to first read the entire book.  This way you can digest what the sections really are, and gain knowledge on any of the key recommendations on how to approach each section.  Once you've done that and fully understand the tactics involved in each section, then set aside the time to do the DLAB practice test.

The first listening portion of the test, it would be best to to have someone read that section to you, and you select the best answer.  Remember, only allow them to read it once.  Also, in order for them to be able to read this section correctly (you'll see what we mean), it would be best for them to read the study guide as well so as to understand why they are reading something they way they should.

For the reading section, you can do that on your own.

Once you've gone through all the sections of the DLAB practice test, go through and check your answers.  It's best to look and identify which section was your weakest.  Was it a section in the listening or reading?  Once you've identified that, you should now go back to that section, reread it, and see what you did wrong in your approach.  Another thing you can do is look for some external material out there on the area you struggled in.

Once you think  you've figured it out, and are ready, this is where owning a second DLAB practice test would come in handy.  With a second one, you can repeat the process above, this time seeing a different set of questions.  Once you are complete, score you practice exam and again see where you struggled.  Hopefully by this go around, you should be well on your way and ready to land the DLAB score you need, for the language you hope to learn.

So, What's the Best Source for DLAB Study Practice Tests?

So as you can see, there are great resources out there to help prepare you for the test.  We at DLAB Prep believe that The Official DLAB Training Manual  is by far your best bet. It’s actually the one that has more content and a better practice test.  Let us know what you think in the comment section below.