Get Started With DLAB Prep

Get Started With DLAB Prep

Get Started With DLAB Prep

Welcome to DLAB Prep.  Our mission is to help those out there that have to take the DLAB Test get prepared and understand what they are getting into before they take the test.   Every year hundreds of thousands of service members have to take the mysterious DLAB and before the DLAB Prep there was no legitimate credible source out there.  We have designed this website to explain what the DLAB is, how to prepare of the DLAB and any other pertinent information out there.  We have located multiple DLAB Practice Tests and DLAB study guides.  We assure you that if you take our advice and read our articles, you will get a higher DLAB score.  So where do you start?  The below links are a collection of our most important articles in order.  Start with the first and move your way down.

What is the DLAB?

What is the DLAB

How Important are your DLAB Scores

Who Can Take the DLAB

What do I Need to Pass the DLAB

What is a Good DLAB Score

How to Study for the DLAB

How is the DLAB Test Organized

Tips for Taking the Listening Portion of the DLAB Test

How to Study for the DLAB

DLAB Practice Test Opportunities

Best DLAB Study Guides

What to do After you take the DLAB

What to do if you Failed the DLAB (Coming Soon)

How to Prepare for Life at DLI (Coming Soon)

Best Way to Prepare for Your New Language at DLI (Coming Soon)

Also, make sure to check back regularly.  We are always updating our information and look to broaden our subjects.  If you do have any suggestions or requests, please let us know in the comment box or send us an email at on our Contact Page.