How to Study for the DLAB Test

How to Study for the DLAB Test

How to Study for the DLAB Test

Probably the number question you have if you are visiting this site is “How do I study for the DLAB?”  After all, if you are reading all these articles then you probably have a high stake in your overall DLAB score and know relatively little about the test itself.  That’s okay because the military wants it to be a mystery, but it doesn’t have to be.

Many people will tell you that you can’t study for the DLAB because it isn’t a “knowledge-based” exam.  You can’t go somewhere and memorize a bunch or words or facts and then regurgitate them on the test.  But there are some key ways in which you can prepare yourself for the DLAB.  If you follow these four steps, we promise you that you will receive a better score than if you just walked in there and took the exam.

1. Understand the Test Layout and Know what to Expect

Start to remove the mystery of the DLAB by understanding how the test is laid out and what type of questions they will ask in each part.  Basically put, the DLAB is a test consisting of 124 questions broken into 2 parts: Audio and Visual.  For more information on the specific layouts of these sections, please read or reread the following articles.

a.  How is the DLAB Test Organized

b.  Listening Tips for the DLAB

c.  Reading Tips for the DLAB

2. Access study guides and practice tests

Nothing prepares someone better than a good old study guide and practice test.  The same can be said for taking the DLAB.  So to really help you in your studies, we have compiled a list of all known practice exams and study guides out there.  For more specific information, please check out our “Best DLAB Study Guides” and “DLAB Practice Tests” articles for more information.

#1. The Official DLAB Training Manual

The Official DLAB Training Manual is DLAB Prep’s number 1 choice and recommended buy due to not only being the most comprehensive study guide but also being the cheapest.

It gives clear descriptions of the layout of the test and provides key tips and recommendations on how to approach the questions.

Furthermore, the DLAB Study Guide includes the EXACT grammar rules used on the test and an extensive DLAB Practice Exam with answers and explanations.

#2. The Complete DLAB Study Guide

The Complete DLAB Study Guide is a close second to the above study guide but still is an excellent study guide.

It's the recommendation of the DLAB Prep that those are seriously about taking the DLAB test and getting as high of a score as possible should purchase both since they both have incredible Practice Tests that will surely help you with gaining experience on the test most think you cannot prepare for.

So, do you yourself and favor and check out both.

3. Review your English Grammar Rules 

As was discussed in our “tips” articles, a strong handle on English grammar will significantly prepare you for both the visual and audio port of the exam.  The ability to break down a sentence structure and organize the words based on their grammar rule will truly make the difference between a 105 to a 125 in the DLAB score.  While there are many resources that you could try to piece together to achieve this knowledge, we highly recommend the following:

#1. English Grammar for Dummies

Don’t let the name fool you, English Grammar for Dummies book is one of the most renown book sets in the world.  Regardless of your level of expertise on the matter,  it is written for all everyone.

What’s most important for us DLAB takers are the examples they use throughout the book.

For our specific purposes, these examples were the best in illustrating the key points we need for the DLAB test, and believe us, we read a lot of these types of books.

#2. The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need

The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need is a must if you are serious about understanding grammar structure and thus increasing your DLAB score.

While the book focuses on improving one’s ability to write grammatically correct papers and articles, it is one of the highest rated basic grammar books on the market.  it is clear, concise and relatively inexpensive.

While English Grammar for DummiesEnglish Grammar For Dummies has better examples, The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need was more useful after finishing the DLAB and preparing for DLI/Language Studies.

Preparing for the DLAB Test the Right Way

So, in this article, we have provided you with 3 recommendations on how to study for the DLAB test.  We assure you that if you take our three recommendations, you will score higher than if you only did one or none.  So jump in, prepare, beat your competitors and reach your goals on the DLAB test today.